My furnace and water heater needed to be replaced, as it was just their time. After researching several companies in my area, I found Precision Comfort. Scott answered my call on the first attempt. I explained to him what I needed, and even though he was at a job several cities over, and it was already late in the evening on a Friday, he offered to come by as soon as he was finished. The work was high in quality and professionalism. His crew was clean, and steadfast. There was no idle time after they started working. What I expected to be done over the course of at least two days was done in hours. After the installation, we were educated on the new equipment, differences from our old equipment, and how to troubleshoot if we ran into any issues. I would definitely recommend Precision Comfort. Thank you, Scott!
Alex Sayajon
Scott, I thank you for your excellent work. A+ work
Royal Oak
- Scott was quick, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful fixing my air conditioner this summer. I feared the worst when my compressor quit, but Scott found the problem: a mouse! I will definitely use him again for my heating and cooling needs.
Dave Arnold
I am overwhelmed with the help I received within minutes of my calling. He told me it was a simple fix and how to do it. I tried it and it solved my furnace problem. He told me that for such a minor problem he would feel bad coming to my house and putting me through that expense for such a minor repair. I have never had a repair service give me free advice. Precision will definitely be the company I call when I want to have my furnace checked and cleaned. I was looking at below zero temperatures in the next 24 hours and now I have heat. My thanks.
Mike W